There are a number of network equipment brands and models. using proper network equipment and cables are very important to reduce operation cost.

For example, one of our customers used to spend a lot of money every year for Network equipment maintenance cost for Cisco catalyst switches. Needless to say, Cisco is one of the leading companies in the world, and their product is absolutely great. However, that equipment was designed for data center or big companies, so it wasn't eligible for the customer that had less than 20 employees with about 25 devices that needed an Ethernet port. It also made them to contract with a Cisco certified partner to maintain it.

After we did a close investigation, we decided to replace those devices with Cisco Small Business products that do not require expensive maintenance services. 

As a result, although they needed to buy several new network equipment, they  reduced at least more than $3,000 yearly maintenance cost, and the network speed remains the same(1,000Mbps Up/Down).

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